Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lady and Penny doing some water retrieving training, both strong swimmers, and bring the bird back to me every time.

I threw the bird in without them knowing, now they are searching for it.

Penny found it.

Lady on point with the pigeon in the tall grass, she is solid and doesn't creep.

Lady again on point, waiting for me to flush the bird.

Penny is on point now with the pigeon, she is solid but creeps a little so we are working on that.

Once again waiting for the bird to be flushed.

The drive and hunting instinct of  these two females can only be described by they just love doing it, when they know we are going hunting they run and jump in the back of the truck, or if we are doing the bird launchers they are super excited and can't wait to be let go.  

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