Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunny's Pups Week 5

Hello Griff Friends

Hope you all are having a great weekend.
We're one week away from choosing. I will be gone next sunday so I'm going to have to post the last video on Monday the 7th, I'll try to have it up by 6pm MST. First pick female and male are welcome to make their choice when they're ready, once they do we'll start down the list. Please try and narrow down your top 2-3 pups so that we can move down through the list as fast as possible, there will be a lot of anxious people waiting. I'm excited to talk to each of you, answer any questions, give my support in helping you choose. Please don't stress out, all pups are showing great promise, are very friendly and brave in their new surroundings, not a shy/timid pup in the group, so I promise you're going to be happy, that's just the griff breed.
Pickup day is anytime after the 10th of may, that saturday and sunday the 12th and the 13th work best for us, but we are flexible to your schedule as well.

Shipping date or meeting in Salt lake city is may 19th.
If we are shipping pups to you via the airlines, venmo is such an easy service to use without any fees. My profile/handle is Brian-Lindquist-2 with a profile pic of me on a snowy ridge with elk antlers on my back. I understand if venmo isn't your preferred choice, so we can do paypal(+3% fee), or a cashier's check from the bank. If we do the cashier's check we need to have that sent this week or next to give it enough time to get here, cleared, and shipping charges paid for. If you choose paypal or venmo, I don't need to receive that till week 7. Shipping and final balance is $1280($900 balance+$380 shipping)

You all have been so great to work with, let me know if you need anything before we talk.
Thank you

We have two males still available in this litter.


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