Monday, May 7, 2018

Sunny's Pups Week 6

Hello Griff Friends

The long anticipation is finally here, it is time to pick. I will start down the list once both first choice male and female pick. Please have the following ready, your top 2-3 picks, are we picking up or shipping out. Pick up at our house can be flexible on your schedule, we'll make the time, this saturday we will be here and available all day it is the est day for us. Flying pups will be from SLC on the 19th, we can also meet several of you there if needed that day in the late morning anytime after 7am. If flying we will need to talk about payment arrangements.
Puppies have been on purina puppy chow, light blue bag, it is available everywhere. Please slowly phase it out with whatever food you choose to avoid stomach problems.
If you have any other questions, let me know when I call.
Here we go!



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