Monday, November 5, 2018

Macey and Phoenix's Pups Week 6

Hello Griff Friends

Picking week is here! Very exciting, thank you for being patient these last six weeks, time has flown.
This saturday and sunday we have scheduled for pickup at our location. Please let me know what time you are thinking if you haven't already when I call to pick. If we are flying I will check flights this saturday and let you know what is available for the 17th. I will need to know what major city that we are going to fly into. Pups will be getting their shots and worming tomorrow.
We feed them purina puppy chow in the light blue bag, it's available everywhere. If you switch foods please do so by slowly transitioning the new food in or you might find some stomach problems and diarrhea if you switch to fast.
I will answer any other questions once I call to pick.
Thank you

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