Monday, February 10, 2020

Luna's Pups Week 5

Hello Griff Friends

Week 5 is here! Time flies when you're having fun.
Pups are changing everyday and are a lot of fun, kids are playing with them daily and they're enjoying the nice weather.
Next week is picking week. Please pick your top 2-3 pups that you like so that we can talk about them when I call and help you make a decision. When I call please have what day and approximate time you would like to come. Some of you I have talked with about that already and please let me know if that has changed. Anyday after the 22nd and we should be good. Pups will have their first round of shots, and will be wormed.
We feed them purina puppy chow, light blue bag, we do this because it is available everywhere. Be aware that if you switch foods suddenly that they could get diarrhea.
Think of any questions you might have. I'll post the video this sunday night hopefully by 7 pm and then I'll start at the top of the list with females and males and work down through each.
Thank you for everything!

We still have two females and one male available


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