Sunday, August 2, 2020

Eve's Pups Week 6

Hello Griff Friends
Picking week is here! Very exciting.
Pretty simple process, first pick females please call me today when you're ready to choose your pup, and then I will go down the list. Please don't take to long to call as we have several other people who are just as excited waiting as well.
For the boys, minnow was first pick and cow was second pick. So third pick males please call me today when you are ready, also please be considerate of the people waiting.
I have talked to a few of you about picking up pups already. Please let me know if we haven't talked about a pickup time and date, what would work best for you. I posted earlier about being in boise on the 14th-15th but am changing that to just being there the 15th around noon. If you would like me to meet you there, let me know and we can setup a time and place.
Pups had their first round of shots and have been wormed. I recommend at least another series at 9wks and 12wks. Parvo is in Idaho unfortunately and has a 7-10 day incubation period or shorter. Please be mindful of where you take your pups until you have all your shots done. I can't be responsible for where you take them after they leave my place and if they get parvo. Many moons ago when I was a teenager we had some hound pups get parvo and it was not a fun ordeal, so I hope we are careful.
Pups are eating Purina Puppy Chow, light blue bag, available anywhere. If you swap out foods, please phase out the food with the other to avoid some tummy problems.
Pups can get diarrhea from this, and also from stress of a new place and environment. Coccidia is everywhere and most of the time never an issue, but involve stress and some new changes of environment and pups have been known to get it. Pups get really running stools, if this happens a round of antibiotics will clear it up pretty quickly.
Not to make anyone paranoid, just want to give a heads up of possibilities.
It's an exciting time to be alive, we are all very blessed and lucky to live where we do. I'm excited to meet you and thank you for being so great to work with!

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