Sunday, September 13, 2020

Luna's Pups Week 5

 Hello Griff Friends

Hope all is going well in your world.

Pups are getting big and we're having a good time.

Couple things:

-Pups will get their 1st shots and will be wormed this week, I recommend you get their second shots at 9wks and their 3rd at 12 wks.

-For those picking males, I would suggest picking out your top three that you like so that when I call you, we can get you one that you're interested in hopefully. Honestly they're all great and I guarantee you that you'd be happy with any of them, as they're personalities are very similar. Might be easiest to put their names in a hat and pick. After I post week 6 video next sunday, I will start at the top of the list for each males and females and move down through it. Please be ready as there are a lot of excited people behind you. 

I have talked to several about pickup dates. We're available the 26th and anyday after for pickup, we'll work around your schedule as many of you have a good drive ahead of you. Please have the particulars for when you'd like to pick up when I call.

I think that is it, if I forgot something please contact me. Y'all are awesome and I'm very excited to talk to you end of next week.

Thank you,


**All pups have been spoken for



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