Our Friends and Pups From Past Litters:

Hi Brian,

    I've been telling myself to get this email sent for a long time, but I'm horrible at getting things like this done.
    I just wanted to let you know that you just may have sold me the best dog in the world.  Consider me smitten with this little dog! 
    I bought Daisy from your Merlin x Luna litter in July.  Daisy has since become known as Willow, and I do believe she has come to be just as fond of me as I am of her.  You may recall me telling you that I was hesitant to get another dog after having to go through the end of life process of my other dog, but Willow has quickly reminded me of how much enjoyment these little critters can bring into our lives.
    She is already doing very well with her retrieving, and loves, loves, loves running through the tall grass. She has done very well with her leash work, and requires only the slightest of correction. She house trained very easily, and, even though she's still very much a puppy, is very unobtrusive in her behavior.
    Give your family my best. Tell Avery and Eli they did such a great job getting my little pup ready for me!  Thanks again, Brian!

Justin Kruger 

Hi Brian,

Hope this note finds you and your family well. You may remember me from about two years ago. We worked with you to bring home our pup from a Lady and Merlin litter born on Oct. 26, 2014. We took home Olive from that litter. Once she came home we named her Fizz (or Fizzy, she goes by both 😊).
I wanted to share with you some news. We added a new member to our family a couple weeks ago, a baby girl named Mallory. And I'm specifically reaching out to let you know just how impressed we've been with Fizz and how she is with our baby girl.

Fizz was so excited when she first met Mallory. She was smiling and wagging her tail like crazy! And even as the days have gone on and Mallory has taken over our world, Fizz has remained the same sweet girl she's always been. She's nothing but attentive, affectionate and loving toward Mallory. She'll sniff her head and lick her little feet and hands. And she's perfectly calm if she hears Mallory cry. I always just knew Fizz would be good with our baby, but she's exceeded what I ever imagined.

We've always said Fizz is the best pup in the world and seeing her with Mallory is just another reason she's the best. If any of your prospective clients have questions about how your dogs are with babies I'm happy to pass along my experience.

All the best,
Amanda & Michael Barbush


Hope all is well. just wanted to give you a quick update on Pepper. She had a great first hunting season we were hunting over her at 5 months. Yesterday at 10 months old she got aperfect score of 112 on her NAVHDA natural ability test. Additionally we had her hips tested thru Pennhip and she was in the top 10% of the breed. Again thanks for a great dog.
The Towns
Merlin x Penny

Hello,                                                                                 July 2, 2015
Approximately three years ago, my search began for a “griff.” A friend had a German Wirehaired Pointer and I liked the look of the dog. I already had a lab and a shih-tzu and really did not need another dog, but continued to research and came across the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Then I fell in love with the breed. I read everything that I could get my hands on, literally, for over a year and then took the next step. I began contacting breeders. Many returned my calls and some did not.  Then I came across Brian’s webpage and placed a call. I was impressed by his knowledge of the breed and his ability to answer all of my questions.  However, more importantly, I was, and still am, impressed by what a kind and down to earth person he is. He answered all of my questions, responded to my emails and texts and made the purchase of my puppy flawless. My daughter and I picked Addison up from the airport in February of 2014 and we could not be happier.
However, our story does not stop there. I am a single mom who enjoys hunting, so one of the reasons we got Addie was to hunt her. Being that I was new at training a bird dog, I read book after book and learned from scratch. Fortunately, Addie’s strong drive and innate ability to hunt made my job a lot easier. To this day, I receive many compliments from “seasoned bird hunters” how “birdy” she is and what a great drive she has. She is great in the field and in the house. Her sweet disposition and gentleness makes her a great family dog.
I still send Brian pictures of Addie and keep him updated on her progress. He is always happy to hear about Addie’s adventures.  In the future, I plan to get another griff from Brian.  I cannot say enough about him and his puppies. Simply put, he is a great person and a
pleasure to work with.
Laurie Wakerley

Merlin X Penny

The Lovejoy Family:

Brian at High Desert Griffons was great to work with. He was always timely, patient and thorough in responding to my many questions. I am a big fan of their family approach – our pup came very well socialized to kids and handling. Our pup is truly amazing  and has been a joy to raise. Despite initially being the highest energy dog in the litter, he has been very easy to manage and train. At less than five months he looks to have all the potential I could ever want: he has a strong search drive and loves birds, does 40 yard water retrieves and can be shot over with a 20 gauge. 

Merlin X Penny


The Winslett Family:

My husband 60, and myself 46, lost our three elderly dogs, two of which were brother and sister Brittany Spaniels, Katie had died at age 16, and Bo, her Brother died at age 16 1/2. Our 3rd dog was Gunner, he was a Griffon, he died last July, at age 17. We had those three dogs since what seemed like, and most likely was, my entire adult life. We are bird hunters, and had pretty much devoted our life to hunting them. When I lost Katie, I felt like I lost my very best friend, I spent most of my time with her. Bo, was a big running Brittany and kinda did what he wanted, honestly he was not much fun to hunt behind, Gunner was a close working Griffon, but he went to work with my husband daily, I considered him my Husbands dog. As time past and the pups got older, I had unexpected blessing in my life. I can't explain why, but Gunner the Griffon may have been my Husbands dog, but he at some point became my elderly dog. I grew to love him more than anything in this world. When I lost Gunner, I grieved, I was depressed and swore I never wanted another dog, the pain was just more than I could stand. After some time had past, I realized I could not live without a dog in my life, I also decided I could not live without a Griffon.

I started calling all the breeders, which honestly I was turned off by a big majority of the breeders. I called Brian after seeing his website, but at the time he had homes for all his pups. I left Brian my number, and proceeded to try and find my next companion/griffon. I won't name names, but I had sent a deposit and signed contract to purchase a puppy from another breeder. I bought all the toys, pup food and was waiting like child for Christmas for the pup to be 8 weeks so I could fly to pick her up. Ironically, the breeder kept having excuses not to email/call me back. Finally, I was going to buy a plane ticket to go pick up the pup, when the breeder called me back and explained that she had picked the runt of the liter for me, which was fine, but that I would have to wait until pup was at least 12-14 weeks, because at 8 weeks it only weighed 4 1/2 pounds. I was extremely upset, I asked the breeder if the pup met Griffon standards, and she replied NO. I then proceeded to tell her, why would I want to pay big $$$ for a pup that did not at very least meet standards? Long story short, and after my husband called her to share his opinion, she refunded my money. I sat here crying, especially after having lost my 17 year old griff. I had all but given up on my pup, when out of the blue I received a call from Brian. After speaking to Brian, he told me he had pups available and asked if I was still interested, I said YES..Honestly Brian was my first choice for a breeder, so I was very very excited and honored that he did keep my number as he said he would. 

Each week we got to see pups on this website, eventually leading us to pick a pup. We picked the pup Brian called Galena. she was the biggest of the girls, but honestly I had my eye on the runt of the liter as well. ALL THE PUPS were adorable, and as my husband said you can't go wrong with any of the pups. Brian stayed in touch to keep us updated on the growing pups, finally time was here, it was time to travel from South Dakota to Idaho to pick up our new family member, whom I was going to name Bella. 

We were like expectant parents, my husband took off work for a week, we decided to make vacation out of it and travel through Yellowstone and take our time to get back home. 

We got to Idaho, stayed at Twin Falls, which I recommend, especially if you have never seen the falls and the bridge. That alone could be a week long vacation...WE LOVE IDAHO. When we got to Brian's house, he lives at the foot of some of the most beautiful Country on earth, we were greeted by Brian and his BEAUTIFUL daughter who was cuddling Galena. As soon as his daughter walked up to us, she place the puppy in my hands. I loved the way she gently gave us our pup. We made our introductions, and Brian hunts, he and my husband had much in common. We also got to see some of the other pups, the Stud Dog Merlin, and the Mom. Let me tell you all this, I have looked at every griffon on the internet, and I can honestly say, that Brian's Griffons are some of the BEST looking I have ever seen, they are also so friendly. After visiting with Brian for awhile, we said our goodbyes to take our pup to her new home. Everything went perfect, from the trip to the pup. If Brian tells you something, he is telling the truth, I take him as a man of honor, and can't say enough of good things about him. 

Now, on to the pup, we were new parents, and very use to the elderly dogs we had. It had been 18 years since we had been around a pup. I will be honest here, she was a bit of a handful, but not in the way you may think, she had a puppy bladder, which meant she needed to go out every 30 mins or less, it seemed like round the clock, but I am sure it was not. She did cry the first few days only. The only trouble we had of our pup was the puppy mouthing/biting which is COMPLETELY NORMAL, she was not doing it to be mean, but she had to have something, anything in her mouth. We decided she was not a Bella, and named her Josie. After the first Week she started to settle down, by week two her bladder was getting bigger. I want you all to understand how easy Griff's are to potty train, honestly she only had maybe 5 peeing accidents inside, and no poop accidents at all, NEVER.  Also, she has never tore up anything, not a toy, not a blanket, not her bedding, she has not tore up anything at all. Josie is now almost 14 weeks and weighs over 25 pounds. She is so playful and very much a puppy. 

As I told you above we do hunt, but its not bird hunting season, but we have bought some training birds. This pup is a BIRD HUNTING FOOL, she quarters naturally, she retrieves, she swims. My husband who has hunted birds his entire life said he has never seen a more birdy pup with natural ability. Josie Points every tweety bird she sees or smells, and I don't mean little point, I mean she goes on statue, will not move point. 

I can't say enough about High Desert Griffons, and Brian. You can't go wrong, with ANY pup you get. Honestly, whether you are first pick or last pick...your pup will be as great as mine, and I would not say that if I truly did not believe it. The only thing I learned or would say to do different, is maybe wait a week longer to pick her up, so that her Dog MOM could teach her about the puppy biting. The quick easy fix for the puppy biting, which is puppy mouthing, is to yelp when she/he does it, which is what the other pups would do. We taught her not to do that by yelping, and when we yelped, she did not want to hurt us, and would let go.

I have to upload pics tonight to post or ask Brian to post them for me, I can't seem to figure out how to post pics on here right now. Anyways, I will be posting updates on Josie's life. Josie will be hunting birds, and showing in AKC shows. I will keep you all updated.

Thanks so much Brian for such a wonderful puppy. We are totally in love with her, and you do such a great job as a breeder. Never once did we feel like you were just in this for the money. Matter of fact, I know you breed griff's because you love the breed. Pups come very socialized, Josie loves kids and has never met a stranger or strange dog, she loves everybody. Again thanks so much!

Merlin X Phoenix

The Foster Family:
I would rate our overall experience with bringing Meadow into our family as a 10 out of 10.  My husband initially contacted Brian Lindquist to inquire about getting a puppy, he was met with an immediate response. We had turned in comprehensive applications to other breeders with no response. After doing research for two years on which breed would be perfect for our family, lifestyle,  and other dog, we chose the wired-haired pointing griffon. Brian's website was fantastic and gave us all of the information that we needed from pricing to photos to certification of breed. Once we found out that puppies would be born in October, Brian kept up up to date by phone and text about when the puppies were born. My favorite part of the process was going on Brian's blog every Sunday night to learn each puppy's name, fur type, growth and activity. Once it came time to choose the one puppy out of nine, I was very stressed. Brian spoke with me at my convenience to explain all of the different puppy personalities and we ended up choosing Meadow (Hickory)! My in-laws live close to Boise so my husband and I drove up to Idaho to pick up baby Meadow. Brian also took the stress out of an additional three-hour drive by bringing Meadow straight to our door! He was so kind and loving with the puppies. I was a little wary about breeders but Brian truly proved that he and his family take excellent care of all of the animals and understand their health needs.  After a 15 hour trip in the car back to California, we were so happy to bring Meadow into our home.  She is the sweetest dog who loves our other dog. She is smart and still learning everyday. At 5.5 months now, she is about 30 pounds of energy and love. She enjoys walks, playing, the dog park and cuddling with me and my husband whenever she can. She follows me around the house and I always feel safe with her. She is great with children, shopping and going out to restaurants. She has fit into our family so nicely and is already naturally pointing at the wild peacocks and doves in our neighborhood (which my husband loves). After getting a Griff from Brian, I would definitely do it again. I can't express how much we love Meadow and how stress free the process was with Brian. We are so happy and thankful!

Merlin x Lady

The Grantham Family:
We are a family of 7 (yup that's 5 kids) living up in the Yukon Territory, Canada. We got our first Griff 9 years ago, and when we went looking for another, we had some ideas about what we wanted in a breeder, and a dog. We wanted a Griffon with good lines, from a breeder who was both a hunter and a parent. We wanted someone who raises their puppies with love and care in their home, who has kids who help to raise the puppies too. We wanted someone who would expose our puppy to the outdoors, to sounds and smells and people and of course, birds. Brian was friendly and helpful right from the start, he answered all our questions quickly and openly. The videos of the puppies every Sunday are awesome, we watched our girl grow and change from week to week, even though we are so far away. Shipping our puppy from Idaho to Whitehorse was not an easy thing, especially on the busiest weekend before Christmas. Brian was supportive through the whole process, and showed genuine concern that our pup get into our arms safely. Our Kelsey is great - she bonded with our family quickly, she was born and bred to be a natural hunter. We are looking forward to many years in our wild backyard watching her do what she does best. We want another already! We would recommend Brian and High Desert Griffons to anybody who is seeking a great breeder and an even greater dog.

Litter:  Merlin x Lady 

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